Data Analysis & SQL

2012-2014 - Hailo (ridesharing app)


As a small, young company, Hailo didn’t have a ton of easy-to-read marketing dashboards; as such, I stepped in to become the North America marketing team's go-to data person. I taught myself basic SQL to create customer segments and pull data, combining it with numbers from other sources to create reports for the marketing team. It was fun!

A few queries I wrote and used regularly:

  • Active passengers - for general reporting.

  • Inactive drivers - to target re-engagement campaigns.

  • “Twitter totals” - cost per acquisition, all the way from a click on a Twitter ad through first completed ride.

  • “CODE HOUNDS” - users who took advantage of a particular promotion to unfairly give themselves large amounts of ride credit.

Skills: Mixpanel, Google Analytics,, SQL, Excel.