I worked on the small North America marketing team for Hailo, a London-based taxi app that expanded into the US during the politically-fraught early days of ridesharing. (Since Hailo no longer exists, most of the blogs, help documents, in-app messages, and social posts I created are gone.)

Social media - @Hailo, @HailoUSA, @HailoNYC, and others

Built multiple handles to tens of thousands of followers (with guidance from mentors!). Since very little of this content remains online, I’ve saved screenshots showing engagement with a few campaigns.

  • #SkipTheLine. Hailo launched in NYC’s yellow taxis in April 2013, in invite-only Beta. To build buzz, we created a social promotion where people could tweet why they wanted to #SkipTheLine for a chance to get early access. We emailed the promotion to pre-registered passengers, incorporated it into drip emails sent to new leads, reached out to dozens of influencers, and made the promo a part of our booth at the TechCrunch Disrupt convention. I designed and tweeted images of winning tweets, which spurred further sharing. Hailo registrations spiked and #SkipTheLine trended in NYC.

  • Valentine’s 2014. Ridesharing demand can be seasonal. To increase engagement during a slow period, we ran a Valentine’s Day promo in 6 US and Canadian cities: people could win Hailo credit by sharing how they felt about Valentine’s Day with the hashtags #HailYes, #HailNo, or #WhoTheHailCares. Along with the social campaign, we ran emails and custom landing pages. As a follow-up, we shared an infographic showing how each city “voted.” Hailo rides increased and #HailYes trended in Chicago (who knew Chicagoans were so romantic?).

  • #70at70. Long story short, we welcomed summer with a multi-city promotion giving away 70 Hailo credits when the temperature reached 70 degrees. Trended on FB in some cities.

Passenger communications

Driver marketing and communications

Engaged tens of thousands of drivers in multiple cities.

  • NYC app manuals, Android and iOS (PDFs). Distributed at in-person trainings and via email/SMS.

  • Chicago, NYC, Boston recruitment flyers; bilingual poster (English, Spanish) for base partners (PDFs).

  • DC triggered email, sent upon app registration, active during beta and early days after launch. (Note: the email contains links to driver tutorial blog posts I wrote, which are now inactive.)

  • NYC Instructional video.