NYC Mayor’s Office


As an Urban Fellow, I worked on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s speechwriting team.


Typically, one speechwriter would lead a speech, researching, drafting, incorporating stakeholder feedback, sending a version around for editing by the rest of the team, making corrections, and submitting a final copy. Unfortunately, I can’t share samples, but I’ve included links to coverage of some projects I worked on—proofreading, fact-checking, contributing language, and (in a couple of cases) acting as the primary writer.

  • Million Trees NYC 500,000th tree planting (event video).

  • NY Giants Super Bowl victory parade (NY Times article; event video, speeches start around 2:06).

  • First annual NYC Literary Honors (press release).

  • NYC BigApps 3.0 awards ceremony (The Next Web article + event video).
    BigApps awarded grants to apps that used data made available through the NYC Open Data initiative.

  • 2012 Shorty Awards (Forbes).
    Social media awards ceremony. (Bloomberg was nominated for “Foursquare Mayor of the Year.”)

  • CitiBike (bike share program) funding announcement (WNYC).

  • Brooklyn Navy Yard museum opening (Gothamist).

  • 2012 State of the City address (HuffPost on environmental angle; Mashable on Academy for Software Engineering announcement; Downtown Express on Governor’s Island park expansion)

Letters and proclamations

I also worked on the Correspondence team, writing Proclamations (documents honoring organizations that positively impact the city) and letters to nonprofits, businesses, and community organizations: Consumer Reports, the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra,, and the Harlem Dowling Center, to name a few.

Spanish blurbs

Bloomberg (in)famously took Spanish lessons and made a practice of ending speeches with recaps ✨en español✨. I wrote a number of these blurbs. Summarizing a speech quickly while sounding natural—but not too natural for a new Spanish learner—was an interesting challenge. A few events for which I contributed Spanish: Social Media Week 2012; groundbreaking of the Gotham West building; Steiner Studios expansion.

Social media, @NYCMayorsOffice

  • Twitter: with guidance from a mentor, helped @nycmayorsoffice add 15,000 followers. Researched and wrote responses to constituent questions with the #AskMike hashtag.

  • Helped initiate the @nycmayorsoffice Instagram.

  • Wrote as “NYCGov” for Tumblr and other channels, working with NYC Digital and City agencies to source post ideas. Sample posts: Literary Honors, #NYCPoetweet (poetry contest), NYC BigApps, Immigrant Heritage Week 2012, Taxi of Tomorrow launch, #AskMike example question.