Social Media

2011-2012 - NYC Mayor’s Office
2012-2014 - Hailo (ridesharing app)
2016-2018 - The Waywiser Press

Here are a few social media campaigns I’ve been involved with over the past few years (or, in the case of the Hailo examples, samples responses to social media campaigns).

1. @NYCMayorsOffice Instagram posts. I contributed to @NYCMayorsOffice on Twitter and Instagram.

2. #SkipTheLine: during Hailo's closed New York beta, waitlisted users could tweet why they wanted to #SkipTheLine to gain early access to the app. The hashtag trended in NYC during the promotion.

3. Valentine’s Day: Hailo tracked three hashtags (#HailYes / #HailNo / #WhoTheHailCares) across its North American cities to create an infographic about how each Hailo city felt about the holiday. #Hailyes trended briefly in Chicago.

4. The Waywiser Press: with a colleague, I ran social media for a small book publisher based in London and Baltimore, designing images and writing posts for Facebook and Twitter.