Twitter and Facebook Ads

2012-2014 - Hailo (ridesharing app)

Working with the head of North America marketing, I managed. I learned each platform's quirks and tested dozens of variations of images and copy to find and boost the ads that generated the most engagement. In coming up with new text and images, we frequently sought ideas and help from around the company.

Unfortunately, I didn't save any images of promoted Hailo tweets and Facebook posts... so instead, here are some images from two successful social campaigns that were mostly organic (with a little bit of paid traffic to give them extra momentum).

1. NYC #SkipTheLine: during Hailo's closed New York beta, waitlisted users could tweet why they wanted to #SkipTheLine to gain early access.

2. North America Valentine’s Day: Hailo tracked hashtags (#HailYes / #HailNo / #WhoTheHailCares) to create an infographic about how each Hailo city felt about the holiday.