Driver Outreach and Communications

2012-2014 - Hailo (ridesharing app)

Before Hailo launched in NYC, we spent months recruiting and training thousands of drivers. It was grueling and rewarding.

My first year at Hailo focused heavily on building the driver network through these means and others:

  • Designing, pricing, and sourcing ads, training materials, apparel, dozens of flyers--even window decals on Hailo's walk-in Driver Office. I worked closely with the Driver Team to ensure relevance and cultural sensitivity.
  • Helping organize and staff events.
  • Spending dozens of hours in the field, having conversations with (often skeptical) drivers.
  • Helping identify and recruit especially motivated and tech-savvy drivers to Hailo's Driver Team.
  • Planning, writing and sending hundreds of campaigns via email and SMS* to train and motivate drivers to use the network in its early days.

Skills: Illustrator, Photoshop, writing, communication, organizing with people

*SMS marketing was crazy - totally uncharted territory. We had to work out our own ways to track clicks and engagement, and we had to build a complex system of segmented SMS lists to account for unsubscribes and technical issues that prevented delivery to drivers' phones based on their mobile carrier... don't even get me started.