Donor Database

2017 - Writers in Baltimore Schools (freelance project)

Problem: A growing nonprofit needed to track donations, gain insight into their most effective fundraising channels, and stay in touch with donors--BUT donation data was scattered across Excel sheets, aggregate numbers weren't easily visible, and there was no central donor contact list.

Solution: Make a simple relational database (using Airtable, which is AWESOME!!).


  • Worked with WBS's executive director to pinpoint the group's needs and find the right product (i.e. no complex, expensive Salesforce).
  • Cleaned and standardized data.
  • Designed a simple database with a few different views: donations by donor, by campaign, by source, etc.
  • Linked donation records with donor contact info (also allows for the creation of segmented customer lists).
  • Rejiggered design for ease of use, so that WBS could take the database and run with it, no longer needing my help.

Skills: Airtable, simple data architecture, working collaboratively to identify and respond to stakeholder needs